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Information about cameo


My name is Carol R. Platt and I have been a Liquid Embroidery Fabric Paints Instructor for several years. I am a Cameo Fabric Paint or Ginger's Cameo Fabric Paint distributor.

Cameo Paints are fabric paints with a ball point tip which is just like using a ball point pen. Cameo Paints can be purchased through a home party plan and/or individually through me a distributor.

The paints are water soluable thus making it easy to clean up any accidents with water.Cameo Paints can be painted on a variety of surfaces: mirrors, suede, leather, dishes, glass, floor coverings, wood etc. with your personal touch and ideas.

The paints can also be used to cover up stains or just to give a new look to favorite items. Cameo Paints can be used to cover the missing silver on a mirror, a scorch mark from ironing on a dress, to put a border on a window frame inside the house etc.

I just love being artistic and creating new things.Cameo's innovative ball point tip makes painting as easy as writing with a ball point pen!

Brush painting is a breeze to do with Cameo Paints - the ballpoint tip nozzle is easy to remove.Cameo Fabric Paint is permanent which means it will not come off in the wash. which means it is washable and dryable, blends well for shading, because it stays soft and flexible, it won't crack or peel, it is Non-Toxic, safe, won't harm children or animals which makes a great gift for children who love to color and paint!.

Below are copies of the first two pages of the catalog   If you would like to receive a hard copy of the complete catalog, please send me $5.00 plus $3 for shipping and handling to the address below.  I  accept only bank checks or money orders.  I do not accept personal checks or charge cards.  The catalog alone is  78 pages.  Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.  Thank you.

Because the catalog is very large, I can email the complete catalog in 3 emails.  If you would like to receive them, please email me at the below email address.